Trading Name: Imperial Commerce International Ltd.
Imperial Commerce International Ltd.
Unit Number:
Money Transfer And Exchange
Description of the business:
Imperial FX was established in 1980 to help businesses and individuals transfer money anywhere in the world and in any volume – quickly, easily and inexpensively. Our professional and service-oriented approach is backed up by decades of industry experience and highly-trained staff, ready to help you.

In 2015, the brand BR Money was merged into Imperial FX, adding an expertise of several years within Brazilian community in the UK. It has enabled us to expand our global services making competitive and fast money transfers available in new regions, under the highly trusted umbrella of Imperial FX.

Whether you use us to pay a service provider in Middle-East or to buy stock from Germany – we understand your unique business needs and have a comprehensive set of financial services that will allow you to run your international business affairs effectively.
Contact Details:
Name: Imperial Commerce International Ltd.
Telephone: 02030055083
Email: hello@imperialfx.co.uk
Website: http://www.imperialfx.co.uk
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