Unit No. Business Name: Contact details:
C4 Storage P:   M: Storage
C5 Persian Rug P: 02080018578  M: 07735450038 07868669068 Persian Rug
C6 Storage P: N/A  M: N/A Storage
C7 Storage P:   M: Storage
C8 S Okasor P:   M: S Okasor
D1 Internet Cafe & Calling Shop P: 020 7727 9009  M: Internet Cafe & Calling Shop
D2 Sweet Living Homes Estate Agents P: 020 7998 0920  M: 074 4831 9282 Sweet Living Homes Estate Agents
D3 Imperial Commerce International Ltd. P: 02030055083  M: Imperial Commerce International Ltd.
D5 Hair Extensions Station Ltd P:   M: Hair Extensions Station Ltd
E Bay EBay Casa Brasil (Brazilian Supermarket) P: 020 7792 2931  M: 077 7041 0602 Casa Brasil (Brazilian Supermarket)
E9a BCP Money Transfers Worldwide P: 02072434922  M: BCP Money Transfers Worldwide
F1 Hair & Beauty (Unit F1 F2 F3 F4) P: 020 7221 1812  M: Hair & Beauty (Unit F1 F2 F3 F4)
F10 Daily Fitness (Unit F10 F11) P: 020 3441 9087  M: 07931199902 Daily Fitness (Unit F10 F11)
F11 NazMusic Studio P: 020 7221 3095  M: 078 8150 5301 & 078 9445 9271 NazMusic Studio
F12 HUDA General Store P:   M: 07941519461 07533831578 HUDA General Store
F5 Hakimo Mobiles P:   M: 07402 230 789 Hakimo Mobiles
F9 GVC Good Value Computer P: 020 7243 6868   M: 077 3935 7817 GVC Good Value Computer
G Queensway Computer Market G H I J P:   M: Queensway Computer Market G H I J
G1 Storage P: 020 7243 6868   M: Storage
G10 Storage P:   M: Storage
G2 Storage P:   M: Storage
G3 Storage P:   M: Storage
G4 Storage P:   M: Storage
G5 Storage P:   M: Storage
G6 Storage Unit G6 G7 G8 P:   M: Storage Unit G6 G7 G8
G9 Storage P:   M: Storage
K1 Comms Phone Accessories P: 020 7727 3911  M: 079 33333 082 Comms Phone Accessories
K2 A. Michael P:   M: 07748267194 A. Michael
K3 Arabic Smoking Accessories P: 02077278334  M: 07830775239 Arabic Smoking Accessories
K4 Unistream Money Transfer P: 02077275853 Fax: 02077275853  M: Unistream Money Transfer
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