Unit: 33 FR 33 Rear  
Unit: 33 Base 1  
Unit: 33 FL  
Unit: K2 A. Michael  Watch & Clock Repair Service
Unit: B4 American Nail Bar  Professional Nail Care Centre For Ladies & Gentlemen
Unit: B1 Anna Hair Dresser  

Anna Hair & Beauty

Unit: K3 Arabic Smoking Accessories  Gift Shop & Shisha Accessories
Unit: A13a Barber Shop (A13a A14)  Barbers
Unit: E9a BCP Money Transfers Worldwide  BCP Money Transfers Worldwide
Unit: L1a L1A/B/C BRAZUK Brazilian Cafe (Unit L1 A B C)  Brazilian Cafe
Unit: E Bay EBay Casa Brasil (Brazilian Supermarket)  Distributor Of Brazilian Media & Products
Unit: K1 Comms Phone Accessories  Mobile Phones Sales & Repairing
Unit: 23 R Crystal  Crystal
Unit: F10 Daily Fitness (Unit F10 F11)  Fitness Products
Unit: K5 Electrotel  Electronic Engineering Services
Unit: C10 Elias Mobile Master  





Unit: B5 B6 FAM Picture Framing  Picture Framing
Unit: B11 Frederick Tailoring (Unit B11 B12)  Tailoring
Unit: C3 G Cubillos  
Unit: 23 FL Ganjamania  Smoking Products
Unit: L2 Green Box (Unit L2 L2a)  Gifts & Jewellery
Unit: F9 GVC Good Value Computer  Satellite & Electronic Services
Unit: F1 Hair & Beauty (Unit F1 F2 F3 F4)  Hair Cut, Beauty Therapy, Waxing & Nails
Unit: A16 Hair Dresser  Haircut for £7
Unit: D5 Hair Extensions Station Ltd  
Unit: B7 Hajj Travel LTD  

Travel & Tours, Hajj & Umrsh Packages

Unit: F5 Hakimo Mobiles  Screen Repair: Mobile, IPads & Tablets
Unit: F12 HUDA General Store  Accessory & Hair Products
Unit: D3 Imperial Commerce International Ltd.  Money Transfer And Exchange
Unit: D1 Internet Cafe & Calling Shop  

Internet, Scanning, Photocop, CD Burning And Cafe Bar

Unit: L1d Jackson  
Unit: B9 B10 John & Trini Hay Ltd.  

Money Transfer 

Kitchen Ware

Unit: 23 FR Juice Bar  Juice Bar
Unit: A18 Kensington Guards International LTD  

Security Services


Door Supervisors

Security Training Courses

Unit: A15 La Docta  Meat & Wine Wholesalers
Unit: A12 Ladies Mosque  

Mosque Open For Daily Prayers


Unit: A8 Men's Clothing  
Unit: 25-2nd R,L-001 Mk Hair Salon  
Unit: L4 Mobile Magic  Mobile Phone And Accessories.
Unit: A9 Mobile Phones (Unit A9 A10)  

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Accessories

Unit: A11 Mosque (Unit A11/17)  Mosque Open For Daily Prayers
Unit: F11 NazMusic Studio  Music Sound Studio
Unit: A4 Nomi Blue (Unit A4/5 A6/7)  Pay As You Go Sim Cards
Unit: L3 Office  
Unit: C5 Persian Rug  Persian Rug Sale, Cleaning & Repairs
Unit: G Queensway Computer Market G H I J  
Unit: B2 Queensway Lettings (Unit B2 B3)  

Queensway Lettings, Management And Sales

Unit: 23 L Roundworld Trading Ltd  

Bureau De Change

Money Transfer 

Unit: A3 Russian DVDs  Russian DVDs
Russian Films

Unit: C8 S Okasor  
Unit: L5 Sam Jewellery  Gold & Silver
Unit: A1 Samovar Russian Cafe (A1 A2)  Russian Food And Cookies.
Unit: C7 Storage  Storage
Unit: C6 Storage  Storage
Unit: C2 Storage  Storage
Unit: C4 Storage  Storage
Unit: G1 Storage  GVC Good Value Computer 
Unit: G2 Storage  
Unit: G3 Storage  
Unit: G4 Storage  
Unit: G5 Storage  
Unit: G9 Storage  
Unit: G10 Storage  
Unit: G6 Storage Unit G6 G7 G8  
Unit: D2 Sweet Living Homes Estate Agents  

Property: Lettings, Management, Sales 

Unit: C1 Tina Stevenson  
Unit: K4 Unistream Money Transfer  Money Transfer

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